This Expert Could Save Your Life

As you know (if you’ve been reading this blog) I went to my Doctor recently to get my cholesterol checked.

But that wasn’t the only reason. I also went to see him because of an issue I’ve been dealing with for over a month…indigestion.

I’ve had indigestion in the past and usually a cup of Ginger tea would do the trick in getting rid of it, but not this time. It was happening every day and nothing seemed to help.

Time To Seek Help From An Expert

So I met with my Doc, went on a prescription and a month later had a follow up.

But the indigestion was still there.

The medication offered some relief but I still had the indigestion.

So this time around, he suggested we add a couple over the counter medications to hit it from different angles.

At first I thought it was a good idea. But then I came to my senses.

What the hell am I doing? This is ridiculous…something is causing this and taking more medication is not going to fix the cause it will only treat the symptoms.

Plus the idea of taking more meds just didn’t sit right with me, so I went on a quest to find the cause and fix it.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

First I did some research on the Internet. Not much help.

Next, I spoke to a Nutritionist. She suggested some dietary changes but they didn’t help much. After speaking to her a few more times she seemed boggled by my issue and asked me if I had seen my Doctor.

Then I decided to seek out the advice of someone who is more on the “wholistic” side of things, a meditation teacher.

And finally, I received some advice that made sense.

She explained that my body had become “acidic” and suggested a few simple and natural remedies. One of her suggestions was to drink some water with half of a freshly squeezed lemon to alkalize my body.

I started this about three days ago and finally, I am feeling relief. In fact, I feel a thousand times better.

But the best thing is that now I am attacking the cause, not the symptoms. 

If I had just treated the symptoms, I may have felt better in the short term but over the long term, the issue would have continued to thrive and could have caused serious health risks…like cancer.

Listening to My Inner Expert

It’s so crazy. We go to people who are supposed to be the experts and spend a ton of time and money on medications only to find that there is a simple, natural fix for for our issue.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t listen to Doctor’s and Nutritionists or other “experts” when it comes to our health. I think there is value in seeking advice from all of them.

However, I think we should seek advice from as many sources as possible and then make an “informed” decision on what is best for us.

Let your gut decide.

You know yourself better than anybody.

If something doesn’t sound or feel right, it probably isn’t.

We need to trust our intuition….it’s the best “expert” we have.


So how about you? Do you agree with going to multiple sources to find the answer to your health issues? Or do you assume the “experts” have all the answers? I’m also interested to hear about more “wholistic” ways to treat health issues, so if you have any, please share in the comments so we can all benefit!

3 thoughts on “This Expert Could Save Your Life”

  1. This is a great story and example of how we often know what we really need. Our body gives us the best guidance. Thanks for sharing this Tim. I bet some green juices would really help you too. They always make me feel awesome.

  2. careercreatrix

    I don’t have a problem with “experts”, except when they dismiss people’s concerns or intuitions as paranoid or misinformed. Doctors still see themselves as the experts, and I get that there’s pressure on them to be that, but I personally prefer to be treated more of as a partner in my health.

    I want to know things, like what the numbers are on my test results and not just that they’re “normal”, and I can see my doctor visibly hesitating to tell me these things. My TSH (thyroid) usually comes up around 2.7-3.0, and I happen to know that (some doctors who study these things i guess?) were considering lowering the upper range of the TSH test such that 3.0 and up is hypothyroid.

    It seems to me that unless I walk in weighing 300 pounds and with a beard (and I’m a woman), they are going to tell me I’m “normal”. I, on the other hand, want to know if I’m slightly out of range so that, even if they don’t give me drugs, I can take preventative measures now before it gets to crisis mode, and I feel as though i am being discouraged from doing that. What kind of a “health care” system is that?

    I really think everybody would be better served if conventional and complementary/alternative medical practitioners could work together better, and although I’ve seen some strident natural medicine advocates, I have to say the lack of respect is typically more on the part of the MD’s towards the CAM practitioners.

    Guess what, there are quacks in BOTH fields. I am also of the opinion that if a naturopath is still looking at the symptom but all they do is give them an herb instead of a drug, that is not “holistic” medicine. And there are naturopaths like this, I’ve been to them.

    I also have a problem with the billions of dollars in pharmaceuticals but people are not really any healthier. For example antidepressants are said to have an effectiveness rate of around 30%. Really? Network Spinal Analysis – is one of the more comprehensive modalities I’ve come across, it really is integrative (emotional/mental/physical/spiritual), unlike many approaches where you feel that the answer you are getting depends entirely on the given practitioner’s training (i.e. when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail).

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