Don’t Be a Jackass: Fundamentals

This past weekend I was subtly reminded why fundamentals are “fundamentals”.

When it comes to exercising it’s stuff like:

  • Warm Up First
  • Stretch Before and After
  • Don’t Go Too Heavy
  • Don’t Forget To Breath
  • Don’t Drop The Weights On Your Head

You know that kind of stuff.

But this past weekend I was a jackass.

I was in such a hurry to get my workout going I didn’t warm up AND decided to add a bunch more weight than I normally do!

The workout went ok but then later in the day I squated down to pick something up off the floor and something funky happened in my knee. It didn’t feel right.

That was Saturday and by Monday my knee looked like a softball. Sweet!

Saw the Doc today and it’s nothing major but will require some time to heal which really sucks because I don’t like to be slowed down…who does?

It’s really pissing me off and it’s making each day a little bit more challenging since I have to hobble around and hop up and down the steps on one leg.

But it’s kind of funny too. It’s just another one of life’s reminders that we always need to do the fundamentals.

Whether it’s sports, work, exercise, relationships…whatever, there are certain things you need to do on a consistent basis to make sure shit doesn’t fall apart.

So this is a reminder to myself and anyone else who occasionally thinks they can cut corners and skip the fundamentals….DON’T DO IT! It will cost you in the long run.

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  1. Lifting heavy is the only way to go, IMO, but it has to be done intelligently. You have to know your limits, and how far you can push those limits. Thanks for the reminder, Tim. I hope that heals soon.

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