Success Story: How Matt Campbell Lost 22 pounds in 7 Weeks

A Case Study of How Matt Campbell Lost 27 pounds in 7 weeks

I am so excited to share a success story with you today about Matt Campbell a busy father of a 3 year old little girl, husband and Owner of Mobile App Mastery Institute. Matt decided to put my Protein Shake Solution to the test and ended up losing 22 Pounds in just 7 Weeks!

Here’s what Matt had to say…

“With a two year old and a new business demanding my attention, it’s been hard to make staying healthy a priority.  But, a while back I found suggestions at Renegade Dad that helped me get the momentum I needed to get started.  Tim’s protein shake recipes and whey protein suggestions made the notion of changing my eating habits more fun, especially with the pumpkin pie whey protein shake.  Eating just one of these shakes a day gave me the energy I needed for my two year old daughter and helped me loss 22 pounds in about 7 weeks.  This sure beats spending a half hour making a so called slow-carb omelet and bean meal at 5 in the morning!”

– Matthew Campbell

Why The Protein Shake Solution Works So Well

The beauty of this solution is in it’s simplicity.

All you need to do is replace one “processed carbohydrate meal” each day with a Protein Shake for at least 3-5 days per week.

What is a processed carbohydrate meal?

Any meal containing processed grains like bread, cereal, toast, muffin, bagel etc.

Foods like these are loaded with highly processed carbohydrate which convert to glucose (sugar) in our body and cause insulin to spike.

When insulin spikes it tells our body to hurry up and store the extra glucose in our body and store it as FAT.

If that wasn’t bad enough, highly processed carbohydrate also cause our body to store extra water.

So what you get is a perfect recipe for  increased weight and increased body fat.

Not good!

Protein on the other hand helps to lose weight. Read this article to learn how.

And carbohydrate from natural, whole food sources like fruits and vegetables do not cause insulin to spike as much as highly processed carbohydrate from foods like bread, cereal, muffins and therefore less glucose (if any) is stored as fat.

How Matt applied the Protein Shake Solution

Matt decided to replace his usual breakfast (Bagel, Toast, Muffin, Cereal Bar) with a Protein Shake.

Matt decided to start this routine using the Pumpkin Protein Shake recipe since he thought this sounded pretty darn tasty.

Then after establishing a consistent routine with this shake each day for about 2 weeks, Matt then decided to try some other recipes that I had posted to the site to change things up a bit and not get bored.

Fast forward 7 weeks and Matt has lost 22lbs!

Why The Protein Shake Solution Works So Well

I’m sure this solution seems too easy and because it seems too easy, you may not think it really works that well.

But that’s simply not true.

This strategy is so powerful because it’s simple and it’s based on sound principles of health.

All we are doing here is replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods.

But the key is making it very simple and easy to eat the healthy foods each day instead of the unhealthy foods

And that is how you create healthy habits.

Complex strategies lead to failure. 

Simple strategies lead to success.


If you are looking for a quick, easy and natural way to lose weight, I highly recommend you give this solution a try. So far a number of the Renegade Dad members, friends and family have achieved tremendous weight loss with this solution and I am confident it will work for you too.

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