But Eating Healthy Is Too Expensive

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One complaint I hear from some people is that eating healthy is too expensive.

I agree that healthy foods are typically more expensive than not unhealthy foods and of course it’s good to be vigilant about our finances.

But, I think we need to look at it from a different standpoint.

I mean, the food we eat does more than just satisfy our hunger.

And it does more than help us gain or lose weight.

The food we eat impacts our bodies at the cellular level so it can literally change our bodies for better or for worse.

I know as parents, because we are so busy, it’s very easy to just look at it as another thing we need to get done during the day…feed ourselves and our children.

But we can’t think of it like that.

We need to make a shift in the way we look at what we put in our bodies.

We need to ask ourselves:

“What is in this and what is it going to do to me once it is inside my body?”

We also need to think about what we want in terms of our health and whether the food we eat will support those things.

Want to have a flat stomach? Eat better

Want more energy? Eat better

Less pain? Eat better.

Want to feel great 10, 15, 20 years from now? Eat better

“Better” NOT “Cheaper”

If cost is the issue, I highly recommend looking at other areas of your life to cut costs.

For example, what’s more important 300 channels on your TV or a healthy heart?

If for some reason you can’t make your own health your number one priority, then maybe you need to do it for your kids?

Do you want them to see a happier more energetic Dad?

Do you want to teach your kids good habits so they will grow up healthier?

Do you want to be the one raising them?

Then it’s time to look at what you eat more seriously and give it more weight than some other things in your life.

Start small, like swapping the side of fries for vegetables.

Go with Grilled Chicken instead of Fried.

Throw in a salad once in a while for lunch or dinner instead of a cheesesteak or a hoagie.

Then build from there.

Baby steps are the key.

Just get started.


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