2 Diet Hacks I Use To Alkalize Every Day

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As I’ve stated in my previous post it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables as they help to balance pH levels.

However, eating fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t always quick, convenient and easy to incorporate into our daily lives as parents.

So I use two diet hacks to make sure I get enough highly alkaline foods every day.

Here they are:

Diet Hack #1: Lemon Juice + Water

If you’ve joined the Renegade Dad community you know why I think drinking 2 tall glasses of water every morning is so important.

What’s even better is adding lemon juice to my two glasses of water compounds the benefits of the water alone.

All you need to do is squeeze a half or whole lemon into your 2 glasses of water and you’ve got an alkalizing drink first thing in the morning.

So it’s an easy way to start the day on the right foot.

I know some people find it a little hard to drink water first thing in the morning but adding lemon will make it much easier because it tastes a lot better than plain water.

The ironic thing about lemon is that lemon itself is acidic, however, when consumed it is very alkaline forming in our bodies. It’s a beautiful thing.

Hack #2: Alkalizing Protein Shake

Once again, if you’ve read the information you get when you join the Renegade Dad community you understand why Protein is so important and why I love starting the day with a Whey Protein Shake.

And once again you can multiply the benefits of your protein shake by making it an alkalizing protein shake.

All you have to do is add one alkalizing fruit or vegetable (or both) to your protein and you’ve got a ton of great nutrients that will give you energy, help kick up your metabolism, build muscle, burn fat and alkalize your body all at the same time.

The ironic thing about Whey Protein is that unlike most proteins (Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Beef, Pork) Whey Protein actually has an alkalizing effect on the body when consumed.

So it’s a great way to get the benefits of protein without the acidic effects that other proteins have on the body.

One of my favorite Alkalizing Protein Shakes is 1 Scoop of Whey Protein, a few frozen strawberries and coconut milk or water.

It tastes great, fills me up, gives me a ton of great nutrients and alkalizes my system.

I think Protein Shakes are one of the best things us parents can do to improve our health because they are the fastest and easiest way to get great food into our bodies first thing in the morning.

Since most of us don’t have much spare time, getting a really healthy meal in that takes less than 2 minutes is really key to improving our health.

So in my next post I’ll give you a list of My Top 10 Protein Shakes that I drink on a regular basis to alkalize, build muscle, burn fat and keep my energy levels even throughout the day.

5 thoughts on “2 Diet Hacks I Use To Alkalize Every Day”

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  2. Nice Blog !! Like this post. Have one more great hack which works !! 1/4 tsp Sodium bicarb first thing in the morning & last thing in the night makes your body alkaline. I wrote a revamped version of the alkaline diet on my blog & i did use these hacks except the whey I think. BTW : I did hook up your protein shakes to my Smoothie Central page if you want to check it out.

  3. Thanks Sue! Yes, that’s a good one! I’ve done that one before but didn’t think to include it.

    Thanks for linking to my post :)!

  4. Absolutely love your blog. On my way to purchase the Whey powder.

    Being searching for a way to cut down calories and also eat and be full and this whey protein powder seems like the best thing right now.

    Will let you know how it works and I’ll also cut down the grains 🙂

  5. Awesome Lase! Definitely let me know how it goes with cutting back on the grains and increasing protein. I think you will be happily surprised 🙂

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