How To Track Carbs With MyFitnessPal

In my last post “The Right Amount of Carbs For Weight Loss” I explained why it’s so important to focus on Carbohydrate (Carb) intake  and the specific amount of Carbs per day (on average) to target if you are looking to lose weight and

In this article I’m going to show you specifically how to do this using a free online tool called

Step 1: Setup an account with

MyFitnessPal Setup Account


Step 2: Click On The “Food” Tab

MyFitnessPal Food Tab


Step 3: Search for the food you ate and select from the list

MyFitnessPal Search Food










Step 4: Change the serving size if necessary and click “Add To Food Diary”

MyFitnessPal Adjust Quantity


Step 5: Your food is added to your Food Diary for the day

MyFitnessPal Food Added


Step 6: Continue adding the foods you eat throughout the day trying to keep carbs under 100 grams

MyFitnessPal Totals





If doing this every day sounds like a chore, don’t worry it’s not necessary. After doing this for a little while you will begin to build an understanding of what and how much you can eat to stay within this range. Once you build that knowledge, it will become easier and easier to hit the target range without logging everything you eat.

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