Day 9: Meditation

As Dr. Peter Attia (an expert in Longevity) mentioned in his interview with Chris Kresser, Transcendental Meditation is probably the best clinically documented way to manage stress.

And since stress management is one of the most important (maybe THE most important) levers we can adjust to improve our health, we should all know about it and find a way to incorporate TM or at least some form of meditation into our lives.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for many years and it has made a profound difference on my life.

Probably makes sense to write something up on mindfulness meditation at some point but for now, let’s dig into Transcendental Meditation.

Here are 2 Videos to watch to give you an overview on What Transcendental Meditation is, how it is done and what types of benefits you can expect from practicing TM.

Time: 4 minutes 


The video below describes the difference between Transcendental Meditation and the other 2 forms of meditation, plus a good explanation of what TM is, where it came from and the benefits.

Time: 18 Minutes 

Notes from the above video:

  • Ancient texts say that our deeper, calm mind is a source of unbounded creativity, unbounded intelligence, happiness, focus and clarity.
  • Transcendent level of the mind = Pure Consciousness
  • Not a religion
  • Not a philosophy
  • TM: Mantra and Sound – specific to the individual

3 Types of Meditation

  1. Focused: Zazen, Vipassina (any meditation that involves concentration or control of the mind – trying to clear the mind of thought try to concentrate on breath. Focused on stopping the waves on the ocean.
  2. Mindfulness: Emotionally disengage. Just be present and observe and midnful of your environment or your thoughts. Just observing the waves of your mind.
  3. TM: No concentration and Not just an observational tool. It’s a technique called Automatic Self Transcending which allows the active thinking mind to experience quieter levels of thoughts and then transcend thought and experience the self – our own unbounded nature.

People Who Practice TM (I will come back to this list to add more people as there are thousands of famous people – actors, entrepreneurs, athletes etc. that practice some form of meditation)

Jerry Seinfeld (has been practicing for 40 years)

Hugh Jackman (Actor)

George Stephanopoulos (ABC News)

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