Day 6: 9 Steps To Perfect Health

Chris Kresser used to have this series called “9 Steps To Perfect Health” as a series of emails you would get when you sign up for his newsletter.

I think he has re-packaged this information into a few different (free) e-books but I still love the original emails series.

This is in my opinion, the most concise, easy to follow guide to living a super healthy life. I truly believe if you follow this email series and try to implement even half of the advice here, your health will skyrocket.

The information contained in these articles has been tremendously helpful in improving my own health and I am sure it will do the same for you.

Here is the entire series…

Step 1: Don’t Eat Toxins¬†

Step 2: Nourish Your Body

Step 3: Eat Real Food

Step 4: Supplement Wisely

Step 5: Heal Your Gut

Step 6: Manage Your Stress

Step 7: Move Like Your Ancestors

Step 8: Sleep More Deeply

Step 9: Practice Pleasure

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