Day 2: Who Do You Trust For Health Advice?

And so begins Day 2 of my own challenge to myself to write something helpful each day for 90 days.

Of course this morning I woke up and thought “ok, what the hell am I going to write about today?” And now I am sitting here asking myself if the quotes go inside the punctuation or outside?

Ah…here I go obsessing about details. The goal here is to write something helpful each day, not too worry about anything else – punctuation, grammar (sorry there will probably be a bunch of grammatical errors) formatting and all that stuff.

Well, I just jotted down a rough outline of some topics for times like this where I’m not just “inspired” to talk about something and have to force myself a bit.

So here are some ideas….

By the way, if you are reading this, I am totally open to hearing your thoughts – whether they be comments, suggestions or whatever. I (hope) to have comments turned on soon but until then, if you’d like to say something please let me know by sending me an email tim at renegadedad dot net (I’m writing my email out that way so the spammers don’t bombard my email)

OK so the topics…

1. Religion/Spirituality
2. Adversity: Overcoming it. Sharing it with others.
3. Blood Sugar
4. Stress (damaging affects to health, not always noticeable, tools to manage and remove i.e. meditation/connecting to something deeper – not feeling alone (ive realized when Im stressed i feel alone), supplements, ?)
5. Cholesterol
6. Hashimoto’s
7. Ketogenic Diet/Fat/Cancer/Type 2 Diabetes
8. Longevity
9. Why we are so confused about what is healthy (#1: Who do you listen to and trust? Why? #2: Social Programming #3: Beliefs based on what we now know to be in-accurate information #4:A lot of powerful forces against your best interest – big corporate, pharma etc.)
10. Money

So which one today? I got about 20 minutes

Well, I think I’ll go with health and one of my biggest issues with health. It’s also one of the top reasons why “I think” so many people are so confused about what is healthy AND why so many people (at least in the United States) are struggling with health problems that they should not be struggling with and dying too young.

And here it is:

Who Do You Trust To Give You Advice On How To Be Healthy????

I have very little time but here’s the deal…SO many people put their health into other people’s hands. I get it, we’re all super busy and we don’t have time to “study” health.

But the problem is, many of us take advice from people who are totally and utterly unqualified to be giving any kind of health advice.

We take advice from friends, from the radio DJ, from the Morning Crew on the news, from some random article and the list goes on and on.

Your body and your health are YOUR business. You need to be sort of like a watchdog for your own health. If someone tells you something is healthy – first ask yourself “what makes this person qualified to give me advice on what’s healthy?” Then ask that person “where did you get that information?” Now, you know the source of that information. Now go look it up yourself. Where did the information come from? Can you find it? Maybe you can and you find it was some random little 10 second piece of the morning news or something. But where did they get the information?

That’s a lot of digging right? But you have to dig! Well, at least before you go and take someone’s advice. You have to dig for the “truth.” Don’t just believe something because someone you trust told you something. If that someone you trust is someone you feel is an expert on health matters, then ok. You are still ultimately 100% responsible for your own health so I think you should still make your own decisions. But at least you’ve got a solid, reputable person your listening to.

The next thing is: Find At Least 1 Person You Trust To Give You Health Info

There are a TON of health gurus out there. I am NOT one of them. But there are a handful of people I listen to. I got 7 minutes so I’ll try to list them out here quick – because at some other point I’ll explain WHY I trust them which is really the question you need to ask in order to find at least 1 person you trust to give you health info.

OK so my own personal list includes these people: Chris Kresser, Dr. Peter Attia, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, Dave Asprey, Dom D’Agostino, Tim Ferris.

Now the degree to which I “listen” to these people on various topics varies because some are more expert in some areas than others.

But the point is, I’ve read and listened to a TON of information on health. Honestly, I can’t imagine how much time I’ve spent reading books and articles and listening to podcasts about health from the people above and many others.

And after all the stuff I’ve read and listened to I’ve widdled down my list to these people as my general “go to” sources when I am researching a topic or trying to figure something out.

Now this isn’t to say that it’s a perfect list and I’m not saying I’ve got it all right and you should do exactly the same thing.

But what I am saying is, your health is CRAZY important. I mean seriously, the status of your health right now affects every single thing you do.

Let’s just say on a scale of 1-10 your health is at a 7 right now. Well, if it’s at a 7 then your level of productivity at work (and life in general) is at a 7. You’re operating at a level 7 in life.

What would be different then if you were to kick your health up a notch and operate at a level 8? Or even a level 9?

Do you think you’d do better at work? Absolutely you would. And do you think that would have impact on your life? Hell yeah! Maybe you’d get a raise or maybe offered another job that was way better for you or maybe you’d just be a happier person at the office which your colleagues can see and feel and they treat you differently which makes work way more fun.

And that change in health from level 7 to level 8 would bleed out into every area of life. Your relationship with your spouse, your kids, your parents (your whole family) your friends, acquaintances and you get the point.

Your health affects everything. Everything. What hurts in your life right now? We all have pain. Something is bothering all of us right? Unless we’re like totally 100% evolved or something then I guess you’re all good there but come on.

Most of us are struggling with some shit in our lives. And kicking your health to the next level can help make it better.

Shit. Now I’m late. OK, I guess this gives me something to come back to tomorrow.

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