BodyLogix Natural Whey Protein Review

BodyLogix Natural Whey
BodyLogix Natural Whey

As you may already know, I am a big fan of Whey Protein powder. I’ve tried a BUNCH and I am kind of obsessive about finding the best on the market. Well, I am happy to say that I just found my new favorite!

The brand is BodyLogix and I am currently using their Natural Whey Protein Powder in the Vanilla Bean Flavor. This powder is a combination of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate.

*Note: They also have an all natural Whey Isolate powder as well. That one is next on my list to try.

OK so here is why I am such a big fan of this product:

#1: It’s All Natural

As I’ve written many times, I only use all natural whey protein. Who wants artificial crap in their body? Sadly, there are still hundreds if not thousands of Whey Protein powders on the market with artificial ingredients. Scary.

#2: It’s Made With Milk From Grass-Fed CowsScreenshot 2014-12-29 23.03.59

This completely shocked me! Why? Because the price is comparable to other lower cost brands who do not source their Whey from Grass-Fed cows! That’s a BIG plus in my book! And that leads me to the next point.

#3: It’s Low Cost

This is one of the lowest cost All Natural Whey Protein powders available on the market! You can check out how the price compares to many other All Natural Whey Protein powders here.

#4: Best Taste

Without a doubt this is the best tasting Whey Protein Powder I’ve tried yet. I mean it’s really good. I double checked the ingredients to make sure there wasn’t any refined sugar in there, which is all-natural but not what I want in my whey powder. Nope! Just natural vanilla flavor (sourced from vanilla beans-yes I checked with them to make sure) and natural stevia leaf extract.

#5: It’s Eco-Friendly

To be honest, I was a bit shocked when I received the jar and noticed it is made out of cardboard. But you know what? It works perfectly fine and I’m all about saving the world from more plastic so why not? There is a plastic bag inside the container that holds the whey powder but that small amount of plastic is far less than what would be needed to make an entire container out of plastic. Even better, the jar is compostable and recyclable which is the first of it’s kind. My hats off to the people over at BodyLogix! Thank you guys are thinking about the planet!

#6: Excellent Customer Service

You know, I haven’t written about this before, but I have contacted quite a few companies that manufacture Whey Protein powders and many of them have not been very forthcoming with information. Quite honestly, sometimes the way they respond seems as if I am an annoyance. Hey, excuse me for wanting to know exactly what I am putting in my body when I consume their product! Not these guys though. They were excellent.

Here is their response to my question regarding the “natural vanilla flavor” in their product:

Natural flavors in our product are simply a variety of vanilla beans and cocoa powder. Even cocoa flavor for example uses vanilla as is also the case in any milk chocolate. Vanilla is a key component of the chocolate flavor as odd as that sounds.

And here is their response when I asked them about the “lecithin” used in their product:

PCR tested soy lecithin is a GMO free version of soy lecithin which is why it is used. It holds the protein together so it doesn’t clump together within the bottle. There is less than 10g’s in a 2lb bottle.

Lastly, here is their response when I asked them why “bromelain” is used in their product as I haven’t seen this used in any other Whey Protein powders:

Bromelain is a digestive enzyme which is naturally found in the stems of pineapples which helps ease digestive issues and reduce inflammation.

To sum it up, their customer service has been very friendly and helpful, almost going out of their way to explain what is in their product and why. That’s really important to me especially when my whole family is consuming their product in our Power Shakes. I want to know as much as possible about what we are putting in our bodies.

#7: Available on Amazon Prime

As I mentioned before in this post, shipping time is an important factor in choosing a whey protein powder. You don’t want your product sitting in a hot truck for several days. BodyLogix products are available on Amazon Prime which means they show up at my door within 2 days which is important for freshness.


Honestly, I can’t think of a better all-around whey protein powder on the market right now and I’ve tried a LOT of them. And I really love that it comes in an Eco-Friendly package. Every little bit we can do to reduce the amount of plastic sitting in landfills makes a difference you know?! So if you’re looking for a delicious, high quality Whey Protein powder that is also economical, BodyLogix Natural Whey is a great choice!

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