Best Body Weight Exercise For Skinny Legs

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I’ve been working out for many years (about 30) and my legs have always been skinny. I’ll admit I used to hate doing leg exercises and therefore I’d skip my leg day quite often. So that for sure was definitely part of the problem. But even when I’d work my legs consistently, I was never able to see much difference.

However,  I recently discovered “One Leg Squats” also known as “Bulgarian Split Squats” and man I couldn’t believe how sore my legs were the next day after I did 3 sets of these things…without weights!

I did my first set of these a few weeks ago and I am already seeing results. The best thing about this exercise is that they don’t hurt at all. Many people recommend Barbell Squats and Leg Presses to build leg strength and size but those exercises typically caused pain in my knees.

Why don’t I get knee pain from this exercise? If you look at how it’s done (video below) you’d probably think these put a lot of pressure on the knee but that’s not the case. Most of the pressure is on the thigh.

I’ve been doing 2-4 sets of these once per week and my legs have never felt stronger. Give them a shot, with or without weights.

Here’s a good video I pulled off of YouTube showing you how to do this exercise properly.


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