10 Healthy Gift Ideas For Dad

Father Holding Up ChildOne of the biggest challenges I hear from other Dad’s is finding the time and motivation to exercise. So I figured, why not put together a list of items that make it easier for Dad’s to get healthy? Well here’s my list! I picked the 10 items below because I either have them or would like to have them and they fit really well into a busy Dad’s life. So,  if you’re not sure what to get one of the Dad’s in your life, how about giving him the gift of health with one of these cool gifts?

FitBit One Sleep and Activity TrackerFitBit One Sleep and Activity Tracker

We all know how important it is to exercise but some of us Dad’s need a little extra motivation. Well look no further! The FitBit One is a cool little device that will track how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned AND how how well you have slept! And last but not least, it also includes a silent alarm so you can get up (for your morning workout of course) without waking up !

Amazon Price: $94.99

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 Fitbit Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart ScaleFitBit Aria Wifi Smart Scale

Tracking weight on a scale is a good way to measure progress but measuring body fat is even better. And this “smart” scale does just that! All you have to do is stand on it and it will measure your weight and body fat percentage. This scale also syncs up to your own personal FitBit web account to keep track of your progress automatically.

Amazon Price: $116.99

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Perfect Fitness Pullup Bar

pullup barNo time for the gym? No worries! This pull-up bar is super easy to put together and hangs from any door frame providing a quick easy way to do pull-ups at any time. This product is very strong and offers multiple options for doing pull-ups. I have used this pull-up bar for over a year and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s strong, durable and doesn’t leave any marks on the door frame! This is a must have for a busy Dad wanting to get in better shape.

Amazon Price: $27.56

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 Perfect Fitness Pullup AssistPerfect Fitness Pull-Up Assist Pro

Need a little support doing pull-ups but don’t have a “spotter” to assist you when you workout? No problem! The Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Assist is designed to help you out. Just attach the pull-up assist pro to your pull-up bar, adjust to your height and the bands assist you do pull-ups.

Amazon Price: $28.45

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Valeo Ab StrapsValeo Ab Straps

Want to get a six pack but hate doing sit-ups and crunches? Me too! But I love doing hanging leg raises and hanging knee ups. Why? Because they really work the lower abs (the hardest area of the abs to target). And these straps make it easy to work those lower abs because you don’t have to rely on your grip strength to hang from the bar. Just slip your arms through the loops and hang. What do you attach them to? I attach them to my perfect fitness pull-up bar. They go together perfectly!

Amazon Price: $26.44

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Perfect Fitness 2o lb. Weighted VestPerfect Fitness Weighted Vest

Want to add some intensity to your body-weight workouts?  This weighted vest is the perfect gift. The vest comes is very comfortable and very durable and allows you to adjust the amount of weight in the vest by adding or removing 1.25 lb. sand bags that insert into the slots on the inside. This vest also comes in 50 lbs. as well.

Amazon Price: $59.99

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mydeal hatMyDeal Bluetooth Hat With Headphones

Keep your head warm, listen to music and keep your headphone wires out of the way while you run or workout with this Bluetooth hat! There are headphones embedded inside the hat which connect via Bluetooth to your smart phone or other Bluetooth music device. Wireless warmth with music. Gotta love it!

Amazon Price: $34.99

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Salomon WP Running ShoesSalomon Waterproof Running Shoes

These are my favorite sneaks of all time. If you don’t like having wet feet while you run or walk in the snow or rain, these shoes are for you. They are waterproof, durable and incredibly comfortable. They also have the coolest lacing system ever. Just pull and tighten and you’re done. These sneaks flat our rock!

Amazon Price: 118.10

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bob revolution-se-48 strollerBOB Revolution SE Stroller

Yes I am a Dad and yes I love this stroller. Parenthood is hard enough. And there are certain things you are going to use a LOT as a parent. The stroller is one of them. I personally wanted to save a few bucks and buy a lower cost stroller but my wife convinced my otherwise and I’m very glad she did. You can store a bunch of stuff in it and you can steer it with one hand leaving your other hand to hold your coffee. The shock system is incredible. This thing rides like a Cadillac! So whether your going for a run or just strolling around the block, rest assured the ride will be smooth for your little one and effortless for you.  Can’t recommend it highly enough, this stroller flat out rocks and right now you can save yourself a bunch of money (like $184) if you get it on Amazon.

Amazon Price: $275.99

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primalblueprintbook_400x400_1Primal Blueprint

I’m not going to beat around the bush. The primal diet was the key to my health transformation after becoming a Dad. Bottom line, if you want to get healthy now and stay healthy into your elder years, this book is a must read. The author, Mark Sisson, is 57 years old and looks like a 20 year old surfer. Mark knows what it takes to get lean and healthy and stay that way for life.

Amazon Price: $13.99

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So there you have it! If you’re not sure what to get the Dad in your life, why not give the gift of health with one of these great products!

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