My Mission

To use my unique, skills, abilities and talents to help create a significant positive impact in the world.

I believe that sharing what has made a big difference in my life can help others make a big difference in their lives.

I do this by explaining the who’s, what’s and why’s and then giving people simple, easy to follow but very powerful steps that they can put to use in their life immediately to create a significant difference.

But I know that sharing my own experiences is still not enough. I need to understand the needs and challenges people have, and tap the minds of people who have been through those experiences and created a positive outcome. People like Dan Reich for example.

I also need to tap the minds of experts as well. However, it’s important to define “why” a person is an expert in a certain area. It’s important to find the people who are truly “expert” in a given area.

My definition of “Expert”- someone who has a track record of consistently helping people overcome specific challenges for the long term- regardless of title (PhD etc.). However, someone who meets that criteria and is also highly respected by people with big titles adds to that person’s level of expertise. Someone like Chris Kresser for example.

My approach is straight-forward, honest and real. I get to the point so people can get on with using what I have shared with them and begin creating positive results.

Life is short – give people powerful stuff they can use immediately without taking up much of their valuable time.

The best thing I can do for people is connect. I need to really connect and understand and then it is my job to do the work of finding the answers and then providing those answers in the most easy to understand and easy to follow manner.

I also need to justify why – why I think this is the right thing, who I lean on for expertise and why they are an expert I trust – answer their questions and concerns and give them the tools, steps and strategies to put the answers into practice quickly and easily. That’s my job – take the best information, explain why I feel it is the best and then provide very simple, actionable ways to implement that information. It’s all about results – help them get positive results.

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