3 Tips To Lose 3 LBS In 1 Week

Below are the 3 changes to my diet that really cranked up my fat loss. I encourage you to give them a try and see the results for yourself. However, before starting any exercise or diet program, please consult a qualified healthcare clinician.

#1: 1-2 (12oz) glasses of water first thing in the morning


The morning is probably the most important time of the day to put water back into our bodies. Most of us run on less water than what our bodies really need so it’s important to constantly re-hydrate. And since we probably don’t drink enough water during the day AND we can’t drink water for several hours while sleeping (at least I haven’t figured out how to do that yet), it’s really important we take the opportunity in the morning to re-hydrate. Bottom line, our bodies just function better when we are properly hydrated.

There have also been studies that suggest drinking water first thing in the morning will increase your metabolism and therefore, contribute to increased weight loss. There seems to be some debate as to whether that is true for everyone or not but I can tell you this, after I have my 2 tall glasses of water, I can really feel the difference and I think that those 2 glasses of water get my metabolism cranked up, which is super important for burning fat.

Filling your body up with water before you start your day is like filling your car up with gas before a long trip. It’s just a good idea to start out fueled up and ready to go.

What Else Does Water Do For Me?

Here are a few more reasons why water is so important:

  • Water helps to break down and digest food
  • Water helps to carry nutrients and oxygen through our bloodstream into our cells
  • Water helps to digest food and helps that digested move through our body quicker
  • Water helps to get rid of toxins in our body

The Downside Of Not Getting Enough Water

What’s the downside of not having enough water in your system? Well depending on how much water you are lacking you may feel more tired, your muscles might cramp up, you might become constipated and in extreme cases it can lead to uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea. I’ve been to the hospital for dehydration and believe me it is not fun.  

# 2: Increase Protein

Like water, many of us are not getting enough quality protein in our diets OR we are getting enough protein but with that protein we are also consuming a bunch of other junk that can ruin our weight loss goals. Take a look at the ingredients in those protein drinks you can buy in the grocery store. I don’t want that junk in my body! I want clean healthy ingredients in my body – not chemically engineered sweeteners, preservatives, food colorings etc. 

So why is clean protein so important to weight loss?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Protein helps curb appetite
  • Muscles need protein to repair
  • Protein helps to support cells, tissues, bones
  • Protein is necessary for the formation of antibodies, enzymes and hormones
  • Protein helps to increase metabolism which leads to increased weight loss

What type of Protein Powder?

For me, nothing beats All Natural Whey Protein. I emphasize “all natural” whey protein because there are a TON of Whey Protein powders that contain junk ingredients that can impede your weight loss goals.

So make sure the whey protein you choose is “all natural” to provide a clean source of protein to help lose weight.

Not sure which kind is best? No worries, I got you covered!

Check out my article on the best all natural weight protein powders below:

What Is The Best All Natural Whey Protein?

How Much Whey Protein Powder Per Day?

This can be a bit tricky because everyone is different. I personally consume about 20-40 grams of Whey Protein per day. I use about 20 grams of whey protein (about 1 scoop) in 1 shake.

When I finally convinced my wife Jodie to try a protein shake for breakfast instead of the usual toast or bagel, she quickly saw amazing results and so did her colleagues at work! Within a couple weeks people at work were asking her what she was doing to lose weight! The ONLY thing she changed in her diet was having a whey protein shake for breakfast instead of the “usual” Standard American Diet type stuff like toast, a bagel, cereal etc

# 3: Reduce Or Eliminate Bread

Bread is probably the most deceiving food ever created. It tastes delicious yes, but 99% of it is total crap. Most bread is made from genetically modified wheat which is terrible and in addition to that most bread contains a bunch of other terrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. In a nutshell, bread makes us fat and bloated. It’s not healthy and it’s not necessary. Not to mention, most bread contains Gluten which has been linked to all kinds of problems like IBS, Autism and neurological disorders.

How Do I Start?

When I started to cut bread out of my diet, I started small. I just cut it out of 1 meal. For me, the best way to start was with breakfast. Instead of toast, a bagel or cereal I’d have a protein shake. Done. No bread for breakfast.

This process of cutting out bread took some time and I don’t recommend anyone go all out and cut it out of every meal right at the beginning.

I believe in making small incremental changes over time. Those small changes then become habits and habits are sustainable.

Diets in the traditional sense are not sustainable. My health is something that is not just important this month, it’s important every day of my life so I want to make positive changes that I can sustain for the long haul.


So that’s it! Those are the 3 Biggest Changes that have lead to rapid weight loss for me. I encourage you to give them a shot! I bet you will see amazing results in just one week.

After you give these a shot, please reach out to me and let me know how it worked for you! Just send me a note through the contact form and let me know how this works for you.  

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