How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Part 3: Eat More Fat

Continuing on with my How To Lose Weight Without Exercise series!

Sorry I took a little break 🙂

Alright, this is an exciting topic because most people probably wouldn’t think Fat would actually HELP to LOSE WEIGHT!

Most people think fat will make you fat.

If you eat fat then it becomes fat in the body right?

Not true.

How Does Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Well there are several ways but one of the biggest reasons is because Fat is very satiating.

It helps us feel full.

And when we feel full we tend to eat less.

Why Does Fat Not Make You Fat?

Fat is fuel for the body.

Our bodies are designed to use fat to function properly.

“When our bodies function properly everything else just takes care of itself….we lose weight, we burn fat and our body is able to heal itself better.”Click To Tweet

But wait before you go crack open that jar of Skippy Peanut Butter because for fat to work the right way it’s gotta be the right kind of fat!

All Fats Are Not Created Equal

Just like all proteins are not created equal and all carbs are not created equal, all fats are not created equal.

The fats we want to include in our diet are “healthy” fats.

I’m talking about fats from things like….

Aren’t Nuts A Healthy Source Of Fat?

A lot of people hear that nuts are healthy and they go tear into a jar of peanut butter or slam down a few handfuls of almonds.

While nuts and nut butters do contain healthy fats, I personally limit the amount that I consume.

I treat them more as a “splurge food” rather than a staple in my diet because I have noticed through my own experimentation that eating nuts or nut butters frequently causes me to gain weight and not feel so fantastic.

Maybe it’s because the high Omega 6 content of nuts can throw our Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratios out of whack?

Maybe it’s mycotoxins in the nuts?

Maybe it’s the high caloric content?

I’m not sure exactly but I don’t need to be exactly sure.

I know from my own experience that keeping nuts and nut butters to a minimum keeps my weight and body-fat percentage right where I want it.

This also makes a lot of sense from an evolutionary perspective.

Our hunter/gatherer ancestors probably weren’t gathering 5 handfuls of nuts each day.

And they really weren’t going through the trouble of smashing them with rocks for 12 hours to make nut butters.

They probably would have used that time more wisely like getting sleep or hunting down something of more substance like a Bison.

How To Eat More Healthy Fats

Here’s a sample of what I do sometimes …

  • Sunday Morning Breakfast with the Family: 
    1. Bulletproof Coffee
    2. Scrambled Eggs (from Pastured Hens) topped with Butter from Grass Fed Cows
    3.  Side of Bacon (from Pastured Pigs)
    4.  Side of Sausage (from Pastured Pigs)
    5. Alkaline Shake
  • Sunday Lunch:
    1. Salad with some leftover bacon from breakfast, hard boiled eggs and vegetables like peppers, carrots, cucumbers

Doesn’t sound so bad right?

Weight loss doesn’t have to be so painful.

Forget the “low fat” muffin and chow down on some tasty healthy fat for breakfast.

If you want to lose weight without exercise you need to start eating real food and that = more healthy Fat!




10 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Part 3: Eat More Fat”

  1. Right on, dude! I feel pretty crummy after consuming nuts myself and I am wondering if it *is* the mycotoxins; been doing some research on that. It is really nice to read someone talking up the benefits of fats for a change, other than me. So many people are still so stigmatized against butter when so long as it’s natural and grassfed, it’s actually a great source of energy and is good for your intestinal lining also. I’m definitely going to keep checking your blog out!

  2. What’s up Rachel! And welcome to the site 🙂

    I digg your site too and congrats on your transformation! Incredible progress.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Healthy fats are well…healthy! And even better they taste awesome too! Can’t beat that combo.

    Looking forward to reading more of your site and seeing more of your awesome comments here.

  3. Interesting ! I am familiar with Grass fed butter since it used to be a staple when I was growing up in India. It tastes great too. What about the PUFA, MUFA and Saturated fat ratio for healthy butter ? Also what’s your take on coconut oil as a fat to help you lose wt ?

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  5. Hi Zose,

    I’m not saying all nuts contain mycotoxins.

    If memory serves Dave Asprey from mentioned in one of his Podcasts that nuts tend to be higher in mycotoxins.

    That’s why I said it could be mycotoxins in the nuts but I really don’t know for sure.

    The only way to know for sure would be to test.

  6. Hi Zose,

    There are a couple big problems (as I see it) with nuts and seeds.

    They are:

    1. Nuts and Seeds tend to be high in Omega 6 and very low in Omega 3 making it very easy to screw up Omega 3/6 balance.

    2. Nuts and Seeds are fairly high in calories and I need several handfuls to fill me up. Not that the calories are really the big problem. It has to do more with what I’m getting for that high caloric load. I’d rather get my calories from other tastier foods like full fat dairy, meats, fish etc.

    So for me, I prefer to keep them to a minimum. If the choice is a candy bar or Almonds, I’ll go for the Almonds. But if the choice is Almonds or Chocolate Mousse I make from Whole Fat Cream, I’m going with the Chocolate Mousse.

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