Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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Does this story sound familiar?

At one time you were working out on a regular basis but then something happened and you stopped and gained all the weight back.

Maybe your work schedule changed, maybe you had a child, maybe you moved or maybe you just lost motivation.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is not to give up on your goal to lose weight because you don’t HAVE to exercise to lose weight.

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is a great and really important if you want to stay healthy but it’s not the only way to lose weight.

If you really want to lose weight but it’s just too hard to find the time to exercise right now, put the exercise program on hold and try tweaking what you eat.

Remember 80% of getting in better shape has to do with diet. So focus most of your energies on getting that piece right and you’ll see major improvements.

In the next few days I’m going to post a series of articles on simple diet tweaks that you can use today to start losing weight immediately without exercise.

So stay tuned!

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