Does Cold-Eeze Work?

The common cold.

It can wreck your performance at work.

It can make you irritable and not so fun to be around.

In a nutshell, it just makes everything in life harder.

A week ago today I was coming down with a monster cold that could have wrecked my productivity at work and would have made life more challenging for my wife and daughter.

But instead, I took a few simple steps and knocked it out of my system and I was able to plow through the week at 100%.

So I thought I’d share a quick story of that day and what I did to make that happen.

Tuesday January 31, 2012

7:30 AM – Feeling cranky all morning….even after my bulletproof coffee. Crap, something is really wrong.

8:00 – I have a headache and my ears are feeling like they need to pop. Crap I have a cold coming on!

8:30 – I hit the Walgreens on my way to my first appointment and pop my first Cold-Eeze. (Even if I’m wrong, a little extra zinc in the system is probably not a bad idea)

11:00 – Go to my first appointment. Not feeling better. Uh oh this is a stubborn one. Feel like I may be getting worse, feeling tired and a little achy. This is a bad ass cold coming on.

1:00 – Appointment is over. Feeling a little better. I take a second cold-eeze.

1:30 – I head to my second appointment. Starting to feel much better.

2:30 – Leave that appointment and pop my third cold-eeze.

4:30 – Feeling much better but not quite out of the woods.

5:30 – Come home and slug a protein shake

6:30 – We eat dinner and I fall asleep on the couch for about 20 minutes.

9:00 – I feel my my energy surge and my head is totally clear. My sinuses are totally clear. No headache, no body ache.

10:19 – I thought I’d be in bed hours ago but I am totally energized. The cold is totally gone.

Does this prove anything?
So you may be reading this and thinking this could be just coincidence.

I wouldn’t write an article about this if I hadn’t been through this same type of scenario over and over again for years.

If I already have a full-on cold and I take a few Cold-EEZE, I feel much better. But in cases where I catch it early enough I’ve actually been able to kick it out of my system.

I just know they work for me and if they work for me chances are they will work for someone else.

A cold can screw things up for people and if I can help one person avoid a week or coughing, sniffling, sneezing etc. then I think the time spent writing this article was worth it.

I know for me personally if I’m not feeling 100% I have a hard time being positive and that affects everything – work, family, friends etc.

Bottom line – when we operate at 100% everything is easier and we do EVERYTHING better.

How Zinc Lozenges Help To Fight The Common Cold

There actually still seems to be a bit of confusion on how exactly zinc lozenges impair the common cold but this is a short and super high level overview of how scientists believe it works….

  • Rhino Virus (Common Cold) typically starts in the mouth
  • Zinc taken as a lozenge allows the zinc to quickly permeate the mucus membranes in the mouth to get right after the Rhino Virus.
  • It is believed that Zinc latches onto the Rhino Virus and blocks it from getting stronger.
  • It is also believed that Zinc helps strengthen the immune system. So it’s like a one, two combo if in fact that is true.

Regardless of how exactly Zinc Lozenges work, there appears to be significant evidence that taking Zinc Lozenges at any point while you have a cold can significantly impact the strength and duration of the cold.

About Cold-EEZE
I have absolutely no affiliation with Cold-EEZE and I have absolutely no vested interest in promoting their products. I mention the product here because I’ve used generic zinc lozenges in the past and they didn’t seem to work as well.

I can tell you that time and time again, I have used Cold-EEZE zinc lozenges and they flat our rock. They always make me feel better and in this case, they helped me completely kick the cold so the next day I woke up feeling 100% normal with zero cold symptoms.

Over the years I have told numerous people in my personal life about them and continue to do so because I believe in the product and if something helps me I want to share that info so other people can reap the benefits as well.

I just checked their site and there have been numerous Clinical Trials that suggest Cold-EEZE will shorten the duration of the common cold by nearly half. Click HERE to go to their site if you’d like to read the studies.

There are some other natural remedies that have worked pretty well for me in the past like French Onion Soup, Fresh Garlic and Pepperoncini Peppers but so far nothing beats a few Cold-EEZE zinc lozenges.

How about you? Do you have any cold remedies that work like a charm?

2 thoughts on “Does Cold-Eeze Work?”

  1. Thank Tim. I’ll have to check these out the next time that I get a cold. I had one a couple of months ago, and it wiped me out for three days. 🙁

  2. Thanks Todd! Try it the next time you are feeling like you are getting a cold. Follow the recommended dosage etc. and let me know how it works out! Remember, the earlier you catch it the better the outcome.

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